5 Great Locations in Nebraska
Locations Near You:
Columbus: 402-606-4042
Kearney: 308-237-9629
Grand Island: 308-382-1091
North Platte: 308-532-2600
(Just Opened!) Lincoln Nebraska 402-904-6668
Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need down?
You will need to put 10% - 30% down depending on the price of the vehicle you choose. $0 down is possible for those with a little better credit! 

How much will my payment plan be?
The finance company we're associated with is in the business of helping people rebuild their credit. They would never put a customer on a payment plan they could not afford. Based on the information you provide us, the credit system will compute a payment plan to fit your budget. 

What do I need to bring with me?
Names and addresses of 8 references - 5 of them should be family members, if possible (only one name per address):

  • Your 2 most recent paycheck stubs
  • Valid driver's license
  • Utility bill in your name, preferably your complete cell phone bill or complete home phone bill
  • Copy of your most recent checking/savings account statements (if you do not have either, we will take care of that here)
  • Title of trade in/cash down payment

Everyone else has turned me down. Why will you be any different?
We have partnered with a national lenders, So we can offer loan Approval regardless of your past credit history. Together with our lender we have helped thousands of financially troubled customers get quality vehicles at a price and payment they could afford. 

What if something breaks down on my car and I can't afford to fix it?
We have warranty coverage available on almost every car up to the full length of the loan. 

Will I need full coverage Insurance?
yes, you will need full coverage insuance to protect you and the lender! 

How long does it take to be approved? How soon can I get a car?
Once you complete the credit application, it takes approximately five minutes for your approval to process.